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Kyrgyzstan to create secure telephone communication for officials

Secure online mail system and telephone communication will be created for civil servants in Kyrgyzstan. This was announced today at an informal meeting with journalists by the Prime Minister Sapar Isakov.

According to him, the most important idea of ​​the national project Taza Koom is to guarantee the security of data, but today it does not provided. The government sends letters using international postal systems. This data is not protected. The same applies to telephone communications, the head of government said.

«We will change this system. Appropriate legislation has been adopted, and we will protect the data of citizens. We had many cases when various politicians, through databases of ministries and departments, got damaging information about the officials and blackmailed them. This should not be. It does not matter if a person is guilty or not, but the data should be secured. But at the same time, officials should be accountable. You saw that the cases are lost, they are stolen, destroyed. Everything must be encrypted and protected. We will achieve this,» Sapar Isakov said.