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Vice President of Kyrgyzstan’s NOC comments on ban of Russian team from Olympics

Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of Kyrgyzstan Alexander Voinov commented to 24.kg news agency on the ban of the Russian national team from Olympics 2018.

«I see quite a lot of political moments in this situation. If we are to make such decisions with regard to the participants of the Olympic Games, then we may completely disqualify quite a large number of countries. We, the athletes, know perfectly who is «charged» and who is not,» Alexander Voinov said.

«I can not understand: is the country disqualified or the athletes? If some will compete under a neutral (white) flag, they will still remain citizens of Russia. A participant of the Olympics must represent a certain country,» said Alexander Voinov. «And if they come out under the white flag, we can assume that they are giving up. The white flag does not cause any feelings! I could never compete under it.»