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First Vice Prime Minister: Shadiev to supervise fuel and energy complex

The candidacy of a deputy from Bir Bol faction, Askarbek Shadiev for the post of the First Vice Prime Minister was introduced to the members of the parliamentary committee on constitutional legislation, government, judicial, legal issues and regulations today.

The nominee was intriduced by the Prime Minister Sapar Isakov.

The head of government recalled that since December 1, amendments to the Constitution have come into force.

«We must take advantage of these opportunities. I think that Askarbek Shadiev will conduct good work between the parliament and the government. He will supervise all issues of the fuel and energy complex. He knows them well,» Sapar Isakov said.

The Prime Minister told the committee members that he guarantees the good work of Askarbek Shadiev.

Since December 1, the powers of the deputies of the Parliament are expanding. Earlier, Article 72 prohibited deputies from combining deputy activity with another state or municipal service. After making amendments to the Constitution, now there are exceptions.

A deputy may become a prime minister or first vice prime minister with the preservation of his deputy mandate and the right to vote at plenary sessions of the Parliament.

When dismissed from office, his deputy powers are restored in full.

Askarbek Shadiev may become the first deputy-official in history.