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Seven reasons for depriving parental rights in Kyrgyzstan

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development told 24.kg news agency about the reasons why they can deprive of parental rights in Kyrgyzstan.

If the parents (one of them):

— avoids fulfilling the parental duties, including malicious evasion from paying alimony;

— refuse to take their child from the maternity hospital or from another medical and educational institution without valid reasons;

— abuse their parental rights;

— child abuse, including physical and mental violence against them, encroach on their sexual inviolability;

— are sick with chronic alcoholism or drug addiction;

— committed an intentional crime against the life or health of their children or spouse;

— allow vagrancy of their underage children, involve them in the worst forms of child labor.

101 parents in the country lost theirparental rights for 9 months. Deprivation of parental rights does not exempt from the obligation to support a child.

Deprivation of parental rights is carried out in court. The Family Code stipulates that rights can be restored if the parents have changed their behavior, lifestyle and attitude towards the upbringing of the child.

This is also done through a court with the participation of the prosecutor and representatives of the department for the protection of the family and children of the Ministry of Social Development.