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Kara-Balta residents complain about Junda oil refinery

Residents of Kara-Balta town complain about the pungent smell of hydrogen sulfide coming from Junda oil refinery. This was announced at a press conference.

They noted that the management of the plant for unknown reasons does not replace the cleaning filters in time, and the plant dumps the waste into the town sewer system.

«Our children are sick because of this. Every second child has asthma, nausea, allergies. It is useless to demand to close the plant. Billions have been invested there. But the locals are suffering. We invite environmentalists. They take samples of air, water from collectors and are horrified: the level of contamination exceeds the permissible several times. But there is no reaction of the officials and the leadership of the plant,» Nazgul Zhakypbekova said.

Residents of Kara-Balta demand compensation for environmental damage and ask the government, the president and deputies of the Parliament to pay attention to the situation.