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Construction of Balykchy – Korumdu road again stopped. No money

Construction of Balykchy — Korumdu road in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan was again suspended. The state has no money for the further implementation of the project, the Parliament reported today.

Deputies are discussing amendments to the budget of 2017 and the draft budget for 2018. At the meeting, parliament member Dastan Bekeshev said that people in Issyk-Kul region again complain about the construction of Balykchy — Korumdu road. The locals employed in construction are not paid.

We are in negotiations with «Long Hai». The issue is now being discussed. But this year the allocation of funds for the project is not provided. Now the work has been suspended. But in the future it should resume.

Sapar Isakov

«We are planning the III World Nomad Games. One needs to lay new asphalt. Next year we will try to find means. But now we have debts to the contractor,» Prime Minister Sapar Isakov admitted.

Construction of the road began in 2016 at the initiative of the Prime Minister Temir Sariev. A distinctive feature was to be the full financing of the project from the budget. A scandal broke out around the contractor’s choice. As a result, the minister of transport and roads Zamirbek Aidarov and the head of the Cabinet Temir Sariev lost their posts.

Later it turned out that the budget had no money to build a road. Last winter, employees of Long Hai made strikes due to the fact that they were not paid for three months. Then the question was decided, and all summer work went on. The road was to be completed by the end of 2017. However, construction is delayed.