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Distinctive feature of Strategy-2040 – development of human potential

«A distinctive feature of Strategy-2040 is the development of human potential,» Head of the Department of Financial and Economic Analysis of the President’s Office Nursulu Akhmetova said at a briefing today.

According to her, experts and the professional community were attracted to the development of the new strategy-2040. For almost seven months they discussed ideas that should be in the new strategy. The new idea is different from the National Sustainable Development Strategy-2017.

«If the strategy-2017 is to maintain stability, then the exclusive feature of National Sustainable Development Strategy-2040 is the development of human potential. The state must create all opportunities for human development. We proceed from the understanding that a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic is our most valuable asset, which will help us to solve the tasks that we set ourselves. The first goal is economic well-being. We must ensure decent work for our citizens. The government should implement reforms that are aimed at developing industries that create jobs,» Nursulu Akhmetova said.

«The second goal is social well-being. This is the health of citizens, education. There are ideas about strengthening the institution of the family so that children were not left without the family. The third goal is a favorable and safe environment. In order for a person to develop freely and creatively, his rights and freedoms must be ensured. It is necessary to ensure the unity of the people. The fourth goal is the balanced development of all regions. National projects proposed by the government are designed in such a way as to provide sufficient infrastructure. The strategy-2040 set acute and urgent goals. The most important thing in it is to ensure the continuity of the course of development,» she concluded.