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Are Kyrgyzstanis happy living in the country?

Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society NGO held a nationwide telephone poll on November 10-18 to assess the political mood of the Kyrgyz population after the election of a new president.

According to the poll, 37.3 percent of the population is satisfied with life in the country, while 32.8 percent of respondents admitted that they are satisfied with the life only in part.

Now, life in the country does not suit every eighth and absolutely does not suit every sixth respondent.

Negative assessments prevail among city residents, rather than among villagers.

The age of the respondents influences significantly the living standard assessment: the older the respondents, the more often they are skeptical and tend to negatively assess the standard of living in the country. The young people are more optimistic and more satisfied.

The number of respondents reached 738.