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Government asked to increase electricity limit in high-mountain areas

Deputy Kamchybek Zholdoshbayev asked the government to increase the electricity limit for residents of high-mountain regions from 1,000 to 2,000 kilowatts.

«Since so much water accumulated in reservoir, people have right to it. You can also increase the limit in Suusamyr, Naryn and other high-mountain areas. A total of 150 million soms is required. Hundreds of millions of soms are stolen, and we can not find 150 million,» the deputy said.

Prime Minister Sapar Isakov promised to consider his proposal. «We can not change anything now. We will study the question once again and find out whether it can be done,» he said.

«Well, it’s not so difficult,» Kamchybek Zholdoshbayev said.