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Air carriers believe that open skies to kill aviation

Kyrgyz airlines before withdrawal from ICAO’s black list may not withstand competition under the open skies policy. General Director of Air Manas Talgat Nurbayev said today at the meeting of the Council for Business Development and Investments.

According to him,  international audit of Kyrgyz airlines requires significant financial expenses, a large number of specialists and painstaking work. Now our companies can’t develop, because the cost of leasing aircraft is almost two times higher due to presence in «black list» of ICAO. Insurance premiums also grow.

«Prior to withdrawal from the blacklist, the implementation of the open skies policy can practically kill domestic aviation. Registered airlines in Kyrgyzstan will not be able to withstand competition with world leaders. If our companies are closed, the budget will not receive about 2 billion soms, because foreign companies will pay taxes at home. In addition, hundreds of people will remain unemployed, as today up to 95 percent of Kyrgyzstanis work in local companies. Therefore, we are in favor of a gradual transition to open skies policy. In addition, we need the support of the state,» Talgat Nurbayev said.

Prime Minister Sapar Isakov, after listening, noted: if experts come to the conclusion that Kyrgyzstan should move more quickly to open skies policy, then it will do it, regardless of the problems that local airlines may face.