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New members may join EEU

New members may join the Eurasian Economic Union. Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov reported.

According to him, Russia would welcome Azerbaijan's accession to the EEU. The possibility of Tajikistan’s accession is currently under consideration. In addition, a number of countries from all over the world would like to establish partnerships with the association.

«The Union was created not according to the principles that, for example, were laid by Barack Obama’s administration in the draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, when 11 countries were selectively invited, and others were told to wait until they themselves agree, and then they can join on their terms,» the Minister noted.

When the EEU was created, we had never said that now we will agree on the three of us (four of us, five), and then we will dictate the rest. We have an open association from the very beginning.

Sergey Lavrov

Sergey Lavrov added that the EEU is an open integration union and joining of the new countries is always welcome. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is also active in the economy and starts direct contacts with the union.