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Beer and low-alcohol beverages to rise in price in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz government has raised excise rates for beer, fortified beverages, liqueurs, wines and low-alcohol beverages. As a result, prices for these goods can grow. The corresponding decree of the Cabinet was signed by the Prime Minister Sapar Isakov.

It is noted that the excise on fortified beverages, juices and herbal liqueurs increased from 6 to 70 soms per liter, for wine materials — from 3 to 4 soms per liter, wine — from 9 to 12 soms per liter, beer — from 14 to 17 soms per liter. In addition, the excise on low-alcohol beverages increased from 30 to 70 soms per liter, cognacs — from 42 to 52 soms per liter, sparkling wines — from 34 to 45 soms per liter.

Excise rates apply both to goods produced in Kyrgyzstan, and to those that are imported into our country. The resolution comes into force 15 days after its official publication.