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Kyrgyzstan falls short of almost 2 billion soms of taxes

The shortfall in taxes in Kyrgyzstan for ten months of 2017 amounted to almost 2 billion soms, the press service of the Ministry of Finance reported.

It is noted that the state budget revenues amounted to 117 billion 996.7 million soms, which is 815.9 million soms, or 0.7 percent, more than the plan. In comparison with the previous year, they increased by 14.7 percent, or 15 billion 153.6 million soms. This is due to an increase in tax and non-tax revenues and received official transfers.

Excluding grants under the program of state investments and special account funds, the income plan was implemented with an increase of 0.8 percent. Compared with last year, revenues increased by 14 billion 671.1 million soms, or 16.2 percent.

In total, the budget received 82 billion 488.8 million soms of taxes, or 97.6 percent of the plan. Compared with last year, taxes collected for 6 billion 787.8 million soms more.

Non-tax revenues amounted to 24 billion 968.8 million soms, exceeding the plan by 4.9 percent. Compared with the same period last year, the indicator grew by 3 billion 713.7 million soms, or 17.5 percent. Growth is observed in the profits of SOEs, rents, administrative fees and charges, and fines.

From official grants the treasury received 8 billion 509.3 million soms, which is 12.9 percent more than planned. Compared to 2016, grants increased by 2 billion 693.4 million soms.