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Deputies approve introduction of VAT on flour and grain imports in 2nd reading

Deputies approved the introduction of VAT on flour and grain imports in the second reading. The parliamentarians adopted a joint bill of the government and deputy Kenzhebek Bokoev. The decision was made today at a meeting of the parliament.

Two years ago, when Kyrgyzstan joined the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), the Economy Ministry proposed to exempt from VAT grain imports to support domestic flour mills. In this case, after processing the grain into flour, entrepreneurs had to pay VAT. However, when discussing the bill in Parliament, an amendment was made that flour is also exempt from VAT.

The IMF strongly recommended the government to abandon such a privilege. It affects a limited circle of people to be considered effective. Deputy Kenzhebek Bokoev suggested abolishing VAT exemptions for grain imports. As a result, two bills were combined.

Deputies for almost an hour and a half argued who was to blame for having made an amendment to the exemption from VAT on flour production, but the bill was supported. 83 deputies voted for it. Only two opposed.