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Kyrgyz government has no means to clear Kumtor's open pit

«The Kyrgyz government has no means to clear Kumtor’s open pit, so it is necessary to develop glaciers,» Deputy Prime Minister Duishenbek Zilaliev said at a parliament meeting today.

According to him, if Kumtor does not work, then the glaciers will collapse into the pit. The government will have to clear it at its own expense, but there is no such money.

Deputies also wondered if Davydov glacier was disappearing.

«Not disappearing, but shrinking. Sary-Tor glacier is also shrinking,» Duishenbek Zilaliev explained.

At the same time, the vice prime minister, like the head of the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use, Ulanbek Ryskulov, said that it would not be possible to develop Kumtor by the mine method. To do this, we will have to change all technologies and techniques.

«But still we will not be able to stop the glaciers. There are two tongues. If there is no unloading, the glacier will descend into the pit. It will be necessary to close the quarry for 2-3 years and wait until everything necessary is bought,» Ulanbek Ryskulov said.