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Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund needs investment

Kyrgyzstan needs a direct investment fund, the Chairman of the Board of the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund Erkin Arsandiyev said today at a round table.

According to him, RKDF issued only loans and financed projects directly, without attracting investments.

«We come to the fact that projects are facing problems with the provision of collateral. We need to deal with investments. Our fund is created for the development of the economy of Kyrgyzstan. Its role in the development of the economy is one of the first. However, one should understand that expectations should be met,» Erkin Arsandiyev said.

He added that the fund can’t invest in large projects, since it has a limited amount of money. To attract investment, RKDF needs partners.

«Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic is imperfect. Maybe, in this regard, we need to attract donor assistance. Now there is a shortage of specialists and law drafters,» Erkin Arsandiyev said.