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What government of Kyrgyzstan does to attract investment

Deputy Minister of Economics Eldar Abakirov told today at a roundtable what the government of Kyrgyzstan has done to attract investments.

According to him, the status of the State Agency for Promotion of Investments and Export has been upgraded. It was transformed into the Agency for Promotion and Protection of Investments and it now reports directly to the Prime Minister. In addition, if investors are confident that in the next 10 years they will work in Kyrgyzstan, they can sign a model clause with the government, and the tax conditions for them will not deteriorate. From the point of view of obtaining land, visas, conditions for investors are improved.

In addition, administrative barriers are being reduced, and much attention is paid to public-private partnership. The government allocates preferential loans at 6 percent for processors. A visa-free regime is introduced for the development of tourism. «This leads to the fact that access to money will improve,» Eldar Abakirov said.