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Parliament approves Days of History and Memory of Ancestors on November 7-8

Today the Parliament approved the draft law On Amendments to the Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic in the second and third readings. «For» voted — 87 deputies, against — four. From now on November 7 and 8 Kyrgyzstan celebrates the Day of History and Memory of the Ancestors.

«These dates are introduced for the purpose of an objective historical assessment of the national liberation uprising and the tragic events of 1916, the February and October revolutions of 1917, the lessons and legacies of the Soviet period of development, the consequences of political repressions of the 20th century,» the Chairwoman of the Committee for Social Affairs, Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Services Gulkan Moldobekova noted.

During the discussion in the first reading, the project caused great controversy. And today before the voting, MP Iskhak Masaliev said that the bill was completely changed from the original version and demanded from Vice Speaker Asel Koduranova to monitor the voting.

«There are only 20-30 deputies in the hall, I ask everyone to vote by himself and you must monitor this,» he said.