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Weather tourists from Kazakhstan to come to Kyrgyzstan

Director of the Department of Tourism Azamat Zhamankulov told today at a press conference whether tourists from Kazakhstan will come to Kyrgyzstan due to the current situation on the border.

«The winter tourist season will open in December, preparations are underway. Today we have not received information on the reduction of flows or cancellation of contracts with our partners. I don’t think that there will be obstacles in the passage of tourists at the border,» he said.

The official added that the interest to our republic from Uzbekistan and European countries is growing.

«We are developing separate concepts for each type of tourism, considering resort, sports, business, cultural and rural tourism. As part of «Kyrk Kadam» program, the principle of sustainable tourism has been introduced, it is about the development of tourism that does not harm the nature and culture and helps the local people earn,» Azamat Zhamankulov added.