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Diabetes incidence on rise in Kyrgyzstan

The World Diabetes Day is marked worldwide every year on November 14. In 2017, it is held under the slogan «Woman and Diabetes.» Consultant of the press center of the Ministry of Health Elena Bayalinova informed.

According to her, this slogan was chosen, firstly, because women suffer from diabetes more often; secondly, there are problems during pregnancy in women with diabetes, and, thirdly, if a child or husband has diabetes in the family, most of the burden also falls on the shoulders of women.

Today, square near Kurmanjan Datka monument in Bishkek will host a campaign to test blood sugar level, flash mob and sports events — Global Diabetes March.

More than 415 million people suffer from diabetes mellitus in the world. By 2040, the incidence of the disease is expected to increase to 642 million.

Diabetes mellitus incidence is also growing rapidly in Kyrgyzstan. For every single officially registered patient, there are 3-4 people who are already ill, but who do not yet know about it. In the republic, as of January 1, 2017, over 55,000 people with diabetes have been registered.

Diabetes requires continuous lifelong medical care, this is one of the most expensive diseases defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) no longer as an epidemic, but a pandemic.