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Rise in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel to continue

For already a month, Kyrgyzstan has no supplies of diesel fuel from Russia. The republic has chosen the limit for duty-free supply, approved by the governments of the two countries, for diesel fuel, the representative of Nakta Oil LLC reported to 24.kg news agency.

According to him, primarily fuel and lubricants in Kyrgyzstan is becoming more expensive due to higher crude oil prices. For two months the barrel of oil has risen in price by almost $ 20. This led to an increase in the price of diesel fuel up to $ 200 per ton.

In addition, in October Kyrgyzstan chose an approved limit for duty-free supplies of diesel fuel. It was approved in the amount of 490,000 tons. 24.kg news agency has a letter stating that the Federal Customs Service of Russia had suspended the declaration of oil products going to Kyrgyzstan.

Now we can only buy it with payment of a fee, which is $ 28.8 per ton.

Due to supplies with payment of customs duties, the cost of diesel fuel can grow by 2 soms, gasoline — by 1.5 soms. And this is without taking into account the general increase in prices for petroleum products due to rising oil prices.

«The indicative plan for the supply of diesel fuel was reduced by 200,000 tons. This was done in order to be able to deliver duty-free crude oil to Junda refinery. But the plant didn’t fulfill its obligations to produce diesel fuel on the domestic market,» the representative of oil traders commented on the situation.

If they produced at least half of the declared volume — 100,000 tons of diesel fuel, there would be no problems with fuel. Now we don’t know how events will develop further. It is possible that diesel fuel may not be in the country at all.

Representative of Nakta Oil LLC

Note, the issue that fuel and lubricants in Kyrgyzstan was left for two weeks was raised by Iskhak Pirmatov, a parliamentary deputy from Bir Bol faction. He said that Kyrgyzstan has already exceeded the indicative balance. The deputy is sure that those who made up an incorrect balance should bear responsibility.

In a conversation with 24.kg news agency, Iskhak Pirmatov stressed that today it is necessary to openly tell citizens that in the near future fuel prices will grow in Kyrgyzstan. «Every minute is precious now, because in the long run ordinary citizens of Kyrgyzstan, who are affected by the increase in prices for fuel, will suffer,» he said.

Today it is necessary to solve the issue at the level of prime ministers and first-vice-premiers. They must negotiate and agree on Russia to reconsider the indicative balance with our amendments.

Iskhak Pirmatov

Pirmatov is also outraged that the Cabinet of Ministers has not yet learned to take preventive measures. «Our government needs to learn not to solve problems, but to prevent them. To solve questions loyally, so as a result ordinary people do not suffer,» he concluded.