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Leader of extremist movement Inkar Yakyn arrested in Kyrgyzstan

47-year-old leader of extremist religious movement Inkar Yakyn was arrested in Kyrgyzstan. Police officers detained him at the congress of the movement in Belovodskoe village on October 20.

Carrying out the necessary investigative measures and confirming the identity, the Moscovsky District Court issued a sanction for the detention of the man for a period of two months. Details were reported by the Internal Affairs Directorate for Chui Region.

The 47-year-old leader of the movement was detained on October 20 in one of the mosques in Belovodskoe village during an extraordinary congress of representatives of Inkar Yakyn, where delegates from all regions of Kyrgyzstan gathered. He traveled more than 20 times to India and Bangladesh to participate in the annual meetings of leaders of different religious movements.

«The arrested, having fallen under the influence of this ideology, since 2003 began to translate books of scientists from Urdu into Kyrgyz and Russian languages. He has translated more than 20 books. Actively criticizing the representatives of the Muftiyat for politicizing Tablighi Jamaat movement and striving for power, he gained popularity and founded Inkar Yakyn cell in Kyrgyzstan. He is married to two women and has 12 children who, according to the radical idea of ​​Inkar Yakyn, are prohibited from attending general educational institutions. In addition, children are prohibited from receiving social services, including medical ones. They do not go to doctors, they are not vaccinated, and so on,» the police explained.

A criminal case was opened against the detainee under the Article «Initiation of national, racial, religious or inter-regional hatred» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. In addition, the court issued a search sanction for two addresses where the detainee lived: both houses are located in Belovodskoye village in Moscow district.

An additional search was carried out in his housing, where the officers seized literature and CDs of extremist nature. All the confiscated materials were sent to the State Commission for Religious Affairs for a forensic-religious examination.

As it is specified, the conniving attitude of Inkar Yakyn movement to life, medicine, education, family and relatives negatively affects their health and the health of their children, leads to the disintegration of families, damage to traditional morality.

The Internal Affairs Directorate noted that representatives of the movement ignored the legislation of Kyrgyzstan, did not recognize the activities of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan in the regulation and organization of dawah.

In addition, on June 15 the court listed the religious movement Inkar Yakyn among the extremist ones and banned its activities on the territory of Kyrgyzstan.