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Dmitry Orlov: Nationalism and fascism in Kyrgyzstan observed in social networks

 Nationalism and fascism are observed in social networks in Kyrgyzstan. Dmitry Orlov, General Director of the analytical center Strategy East — West, said during the video conference «Neo-Nazism in our days — how to deal with modern fascists.»

According to him, the fight against their manifestations is unsystematic.

«There are people who consider themselves as the heirs of a country that has defeated fascism, and they hate fascism,» he said.

There is no systematic confrontation with the system information attack, and this is a big problem in the fight against fascism and nationalism.

Dmitry Orlov

As he noted, the first groups of neo-fascists in the CIS open spaces first appeared in Russia, namely in St. Petersburg.

«Today there are 20,000 active skinheads in Russia, but information about their attacks on labor migrants decreases with time,» Dmitry Orlov said.

Recall, the world celebrates the International Day Against Fascism, Racism and Anti-Semitism on November 9.