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Parliament proposes to introduce moratorium on export of gold ore

Till the customs tariff is not regulated in Kyrgyzstan, one should not export gold concentrate. The deputy Mirlan Bakirov proposed to introduce moratorium.

He is the initiator of amendments to the law on customs tariff. According to him, every year there is a tendency to an increase in exports of raw materials in the form of ore and concentrates containing precious metals. There is no added value in export of raw materials. That is, the state loses the benefit both in terms of tax revenues, and in creating new jobs, social and economic development of the regions. The current law sufficiently settles import issues, and export issues are not settled.

However, the government issued a negative conclusion. It considers it inappropriate to adopt amendments. Customs duties can be imposed only in third countries. However, the ore is mainly exported to Kazakhstan and China. If amendments to the law are introduced, Kazakhstan will become a monopolist.