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Activists gather for rally at White House in Bishkek

Activists gather at the White House in Bishkek to hold a rally against the development on glaciers.

«Glaciers are water, which means life. This is our wealth like the land. So I came to say my civil «no» to the bill. Let’s hope that the deputies of the Parliament will hear us and will not adopt the law,» one of the participants told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, the rally has no organizer. All those who are not indifferent gather there, having seen the call in social networks. At the moment, about 20 people are at the place. Several police officers are also at the scene.

Earlier it was reported that the amendments to the Water Code, which are currently being considered by the Parliament in the third reading, make it possible in exceptional cases to develop deposits on glaciers. They are made in fulfillment of the instructions of the Parliament on ensuring unhindered work of Kumtor. The company will be able to continue developing the field in area of Davydov and Lysiy glaciers.