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Rally against development on glaciers to take place at White House in Bishkek

A rally against development of deposits on glaciers will be held today at the White House in Bishkek.

As Kalicha Umuralieva, the head of Nashe Pravo NGO told 24.kg news agency, the activists intend to hold rally with the demand not to adopt amendments to the Water Code. «We ask the president not to sign it. The document contradicts the interests not only of our country, but of the entire Central Asian region. This will lead to the destruction of glaciers. Kumtor has already destroyed two glaciers, but instead of compensating for damage, they lobby such bills. Tomorrow, any glacier can become an object of economic activity,» she said.

Earlier it was reported that the amendments to the Water Code, which are currently being considered by the Parliament in the third reading, make it possible in exceptional cases to develop deposits on glaciers. They are submitted in fulfillment of the instructions of the Parliament on ensuring unhindered work of Kumtor. The company will be able to continue developing the field in the area of Davydov and Lysiy glaciers.

In addition, the Supreme Court had previously ruled not to stop work at the mine.