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Kazakhstan not removes veterinary control on border with Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan will not yet remove veterinary control at the border with Kyrgyzstan. This was reported by Zakon.kz.

For the entire market of the Eurasian Economic Union there are risks associated with the import from Kyrgyzstan of contaminated products subject to veterinary control. These risks are also associated with the loss of Kazakhstan’s welfare status of the International Epizootic Bureau.

In recent years, 133 violations of the EEU legislation have been identified in the field of veterinary medicine and quarantine. So, 41 facts of importation of six dangerous quarantine objects (golden potato nematode, Comstock worm, eastern moth, dodder, potato moth, Asian berry fruit fly) are recorded.

In addition, 66 facts of violation of phytosanitary requirements were identified. Also, 26 facts of illegal importation of products of animal origin without veterinary documents (15) and violations of the rules of registration (11) were also established.

The authorities of Kazakhstan will not remove veterinary control until they are convinced of the provision of appropriate control by the Kyrgyz side.