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Deputies approve denunciation of agreement with Kazakhstan in second reading

The deputies approved the denunciation of the agreement with Kazakhstan on granting assistance of $ 100 million within the framework of the Eurasian integration in the second reading. The decision was made today at the meeting.

92 deputies voted for the bill.

Recall, Kyrgyzstan decided to denounce the agreement with Kazakhstan on assistance within the framework of the EEU. In the Cabinet, this was explained by the fact that, despite the assurances of the Kazakh authorities, the money were not allocated. At the same time, Kyrgyzstan refers to Part 1 of Article 60, as well as Article 62 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of May 23, 1969. The convention states that a material breach of a bilateral treaty by one of its participants entitles the other party to invoke this violation as a ground for termination of the contract or suspension of its operation in whole or in part.