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There must be clear understanding – EEU is economic union, not political one

Problems on the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border will not be resolved before the inauguration, ex-Prime Minister Temir Sariev said today at a round table in 24.kg news agency.

«We must clearly explain to the people: the EEU is an economic union, not a political one. It provides for freedom of movement of capital, services, labor and goods. We have undertaken a number of obligations and must fulfill them. No politics should be here. Problems at the border began after the president of Kyrgyzstan sounded certain messages toward Kazakhstan and its leader. And all this has turned into a political issue,» the ex-prime minister added.

The emerging problem on the border can only be resolved at the level of heads of states. Members of the government tried, but they failed and unlikely to succeed.

Temir Sariev

«We all understand that this issue will not be resolved before the inauguration, but even after the inauguration it will not be easy,» the former prime minister said.

It is expected that the inauguration of the new head of state will be held on November 24.