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Saipov, who committed terrorist attack in New York, never lived in Kyrgyzstan

The terrorist who killed eight people in New York has never lived in Kyrgyzstan.  «Republic» yesterday stated that he lived previously in Kyrgyzstan. It was noted that Saifullo Saipov, who rammed the school bus and hit bicyclists in Manhattan, is a native of Osh. The southern department of the State National Security Committee and the 10th department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan refute this data.

The departments stressed to 24.kg news agency that the Saipovs actually reside in the city of Osh, but Saifullo doesn’t have any family ties with it.

«We also checked information that Saipov lived for a short time in Aravan district, later in Kara-Suu. But these data have not been confirmed,» the State National Security Committee added.

Information that Saipov could have received Form No. 1 in Uzgen in 2004-2005, on which he allegedly issued an insert about the residence permit in the Kyrgyz Republic, is also being checked.

«The passport of the KR has never been received from us and has never been registered in any of the cities or districts of the southern regions,» the department noted. «All documents have already been obtained in Uzbekistan, apparently. But information about the residence permit in Kyrgyzstan is being checked.»

Victims of the terrorist attack in New York were eight people, more than ten were injured. President of the United States Donald Trump expressed his condolences to the victims and families of those killed in the terrorist attack.