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Coal price in south of Kyrgyzstan reaches 6,000 som per ton

The cost of coal in the south of Kyrgyzstan reaches 6,000-7,000 soms per ton. Compared with the last year, the cost grew by 2,000 soms. The deputy Torobay Zulpukarov informed today at the session of the Parliament.

Vice Prime Minister Duishenbek Zilaliev explained why prices have risen. It was caused by the opening of the border with Uzbekistan. The official promised that the government would take measures, and fuel prices would return to the level of 2016.

The deputies asked about the possible rolling blackouts this winter.

«Last year there was a breakdown at Toktogul hydropower station. As a result, blackouts were all over Kyrgyzstan. What is the condition of the equipment at the station this year?» Torobay Zulpukarov asked.

Duishenbek Zilaliev told that as of today all the systems at Toktogul HPP have been updated.

«There will be no electricity outages this year,» the Vice Prime Minister promised.