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Bishkek HPP to pass heating season without Kazakh coal

Bishkek’s Heating and Power Plant will pass the heating season without Kazakh coal. Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Duishenbek Zilaliyev said this today at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on fuel and energy complex and subsoil use.

«It will be difficult, but we can. There are 257,000 tons of coal at Bishkek’s Heating  and Power Plant, this will be enough for two months, and there are also 4,800 tons of heating oil,» he said, expressing the hope that in a couple of months the situation with Kazakhstan will be resolved and coal will be supplied to warehouses.

«Bishkek HPP uses coal from the state reserve. There are issues with the delivery of coal from the Kavak coal basin. And one shouldn’t say that Kazakhstan completely closed the border,» the Deputy Prime Minister explained.

Duishenbek Zilaliev said that 635,000 tons of coal were prepared for the population.

«623 fuel bases have been opened in Kyrgyzstan, 246 - in the north of the country, and 377 - in the south. According to the latest information, as of October 27, coal costs from 2,500 to 5,000 soms in the north, from 2,000 to 7,000 soms in the south,» he informed the audience.

Duishenbek Zilaliev added that the government had been charged with the introduction of state regulation of coal prices, «because speculators have appeared because of the negative situation with Kazakhstan and coal prices have raised».