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Kazakhstan suppresses smuggling of oil gas to Kyrgyzstan

Activity of a criminal group for the purchase of oil gas was suppressed. Press service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan reported.

According to the agency, the investigative and operational group of the Department of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Zhambyl region has stopped the illegal activity of the criminal group. It stole liquefied oil gas, which was transported to Kyrgyzstan in large quantities. This liquefied oil gas was intended only for sale in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the household needs of the population.

According to the investigation, the criminal scheme involves companies from South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl and Almaty regions. The bulk of the smuggled gas through Kyrgyzstan was exported to Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

The amount of monthly damage was about $ 2 million, the committee noted with reference to experts.

13 criminals were identified, including citizens of Kyrgyzstan. Pre-trial inspection was scheduled, investigative and operational activities continue.