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Parliament voices names of candidates for post of Minister of Culture

A famous humorist Kumondor Abylov is a candidate for the post of Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism. The parliament voiced to 24.kg news agency names of other candidates for the vacant seat.

According to sources, besides the artist Kumondor Abylov, the poast of the Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism was offered to the head of the social affairs department of the presidential administration Elvira Sarieva and the playwright Sultan Rayev.

Sultan Rayev, recall, headed the profile department several times — in 2005, in 2009 (at that time it was called the State Agency for the Development of Culture under the Government), in 2012, he again was in the rank of Minister of Culture for two years.

In social networks Elvira Sarieva refutes the information that she was offered the post of minister.

Note, the position of the head of the Ministry of Culture is the quota of SDPK parliamentary faction.

Tugelbai Kazakov was released from the post of Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism of Kyrgyzstan on October 28 by decree of the President of the country.

Earlier Tugelbai Kazakov called the hype around the burial of the mummy from the museum a fight for his post: «If I am removed from the office, this issue will be solved. It’s a fight for my seat.»