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Sapar Isakov: We believe that Kazakhstan will solve all border problems

«We deeply believe that Kazakhstan will solve all existing problems at the borders,» Sapar Isakov, the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, said at an expanded meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council today.

The head of the Cabinet touched upon the problems that exist today on the sections of the Kyrgyz-Kazakh and Russian-Kazakh borders. «We are negotiating with our partners at the level of the Prime Minister. You all are witnessing that we have certain problems. Some of them were resolved and we thank the Kazakh side,» Sapar Isakov said.

But the question is whether there should be these problems and whether this corresponds to the spirit of our partnership and those contracts that we signed. No, it does not.

Sapar Isakov

He recalled that since October 10, the Kazakh side has tightened the border control. «Unfortunately, this issue is not being solved. But we would like to hope that our Kazakhstan friends, brothers will meet us halfway and solve it,» the Prime Minister said.

Our contractual legal framework gives every reason to say that the transport loaded with our goods should not stand idle. We deeply believe that Kazakhstan will resolve all the existing problems.

Sapar Isakov

On October 18, in Astana, the head of the Kyrgyz government Sapar Isakov met with the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev in a narrow and extended format to consider issues related to border, transport, phytosanitary and veterinary control, customs and tax administration, taking into account relevant norms and rules of EEU and WTO. However, the situation on the border was not settled by the parties. The queues of heavy trucks at Ak-Tilek checkpoint still exist.