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Government of Kyrgyzstan explains denunciation of agreement with Kazakhstan

The Government of Kyrgyzstan explained the denunciation of the agreement with Kazakhstan on assistance in the framework of the Eurasian integration. The document on the decision was published on the website of the Parliament with a background statement.

The document says that according to the Roadmap for Kyrgyzstan’s accession to the Customs Union, it is necessary to perform a large amount of work on the arrangement and technical equipping of the objects of the customs infrastructure in a short time. In addition, the republic should improve veterinary, phytosanitary and quarantine systems in accordance with international standards, modernize testing laboratories.

The Ministry of Economy recalls that an agreement with Kazakhstan on assistance within EEU was signed in December 2016. Kazakhstan was going to provide technical assistance to Kyrgyzstan for $ 100 million. The agreement on the allocation of this money was reached in November 2014.

«In August 2017, the parties signed a detailed list of technical assistance activities for $ 41 million. In the future, it was planned that assistance would be provided depending on agreed budgets for subsequent financing. Taking into account the fact that until now no assistance has been provided to the Kyrgyz side, this draft law has been prepared,» the background statement says.

At the same time, Kyrgyzstan refers to Part 1 of Article 60, as well as Article 62 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties dated May 23, 1969. The convention states that breach of a bilateral treaty by one of its participants entitles the other party to invoke this violation as a ground for termination of the contract or suspension of its operation in whole or in part.

At the same time, the Ministry of Economy stresses that the bill does not require public discussion, since the issue concerns the denunciation (termination) of international treaties.

The day before, the relevant committee on budget and finance approved the bill. Recall, the government of Kyrgyzstan denounces an agreement between the Cabinets of ministers of the two countries on the development of economic cooperation in the context of Eurasian economic integration, as well as protocols on the procedure for providing assistance and monitoring its use, on technical assistance and amendments to the earlier signed protocols between the parties for assistance.