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Kyrgyz pastry chefs present cake in form of national flag in Italy

Pastry chefs from Kyrgyzstan presented a cake in form of the national flag in Italy. Regina Smanova posted in social network. As she told, it was «something reckless.»

«Yesterday, we were more than exhausted. It was a risky undertaking to recollect courage and arrogance to compete with the world champions, taking into account the fact that there was only one professional pastry chef among us, who got a visa. But, if you go, you must go to the end and do not raise your hands up, do not give up,» Regina Smanova says.

We are a small country, but weird.

Regina Smanova

According to her, of course, they knew in advance what they were getting into — without tools, without super equipment «it’s impossible to defeat these monsters.»

Today is the second day of competition. Teams from Italy, France, Australia and five other countries take part in it.