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Dastan Bekeshev: One shouldn’t have hurried with ratification of agreement

Member of the parliamentary committee on economic and fiscal policy Dastan Bekeshev commented to 24.kg news agency on the decision of Kyrgyzstan to denounce the agreement with Kazakhstan on assistance within the framework of the EEU in the amount of $ 100 million.

«Honestly, it was initially clear that they are unlikely to give us this money. It was planned that the help would be in the form of equipment. I personally asked the question: what will be this equipment — not previously used, not rotten? No one gave a clear answer, they said that they would simply equip the laboratory. But to this agreement there were several protocols, it was tied to a road map. And it was clear that this would be delayed. The simple question was too bureaucratized. If they want to help, they do it as international organizations do — by one agreement,» the Deputy said.

«Whenever we get help, this is a big, big question. Because Kazakhstan has own problems with external debt. If they wanted to help, would have helped a long time ago. I personally remember that this issue has been running since 2010. Although, they say, they even agreed earlier,» Dastan Bekeshev said.

«There was no need to hurry with the very ratification of the agreement. Although, honestly, the assistance is needed, the laboratory must be equipped. If we had the means, we wouldn’t have asked for it. But next time the lesson should be for us: if we want help, then we need to concretize what and when. And it is necessary to specify in the agreement: if no help arrives, then the agreement is terminated. And now it looks as if we are offended. In any case, the people should be friends with each other,» Dastan Bekeshev summed up.

Recall, Kyrgyzstan has decided to denounce the agreement with Kazakhstan on assistance in $ 100 million within the framework of the EEU.