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Kyrgyzstan as non-commissioned officer's widow who beat itself

Professor Zainidin Kurmanov commented to 24.kg news agency the decision of the Kyrgyz government to terminate the agreement with Kazakhstan on rendering technical assistance for $ 100 million within the framework of the EEU.

It should be noted that documents on the breaking of the previous agreements between Bishkek and Astana were submitted to the parliament after statements of President Almazbek Atambayev that the Kyrgyz Republic doesn’t need the help of the neighboring state.

According to Zainidin Kurmanov, a possible denunciation testifies to the absence of the concept of foreign policy. «Kyrgyzstan hasn’t yet worked out its doctrine. That’s why there is such inconstancy. We need to outline a course on which our relations with donor countries, partner countries should be developed and follow it, and not beat ourselves like a non-commissioned officer’s widow. There are national interests, and they are beyond any personal insults,» the professor said.

He believes that it is unlikely that Kazakhstan will impose any additional sanctions because of the break of this agreement. $ 100 million, according to the professor, Astana will send for the needs of its own state.

But we still have to ask for help, because our own resources are not enough.

Zainidin Kurmanov