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Kyrgyzstan decides to denounce agreement with Kazakhstan on assistance

Kyrgyzstan decided to denounce the agreement with Kazakhstan on assistance within the framework of the EEU. The relevant bill has already been submitted to the parliament, its press service confirmed information about this to 24.kg news agency.

According to it, a bill on the denunciation of an agreement with Kazakhstan on the development of economic cooperation in the conditions of Eurasian economic integration, signed in 2016, was submitted to the general department of the parliament for consideration. From the general department, the document will be sent to the signature of the Speaker of the parliament, and then to the profile committee for international affairs, defense and security.

Recall, by this agreement, the Kazakh side to assist the processes of integration of the KR into the Eurasian Economic Union was to provide the Kyrgyz side with assistance equivalent to $ 100 million. The first tranche of $ 41 million was to transfer this week.