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Vostokelectro JSC collects 1,269.5 billion soms since beginning of 2017

For 9 months, users of Vostokelectro OJSC consumed 998.2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. This was reported by the press office of the distribution company.

It is noted that the collection of funds for the period by Vostokelectro amounted to 1,269.5 million soms, which is 174.6 million more than in the same period in 2016.

« As for the population, the collection of cash amounted to 579.2 million soms, which is 61.7 million soms (11.9 percent) more than in the same period last year,» the report said.

The accounts receivable for Vostokelectro as of October 1 amounted to 376.4 million soms. Including:

— the population — 100 million soms;

— budget organizations — 29.6 million;

— agricultural consumers — 1.7 million;

— industrial and equivalent consumers — 128.5 million;

— other and commercial structures — 116.6 million.

The accounts receivable for the energy of Vodokanal’s enterprises are 36.6 million soms, the Ministry of Finance (on benefits for the population for the III quarter) — 10.3 million. The total amount of debt that doesn’t depend on Vostokelectro is 71.1 million soms (18.9 percent of total debt).

The total accounts receivable from the beginning of the year for Vostokelectro OJSC decreased by 21.4 million soms, or 5.4 percent.

«In order to reduce the receivables for consumed electricity from the beginning of the year, Vostokelectro OJSC sent 1,924 claims to the judicial authorities for 81,294,567 soms,  1,124 claims of which were paid off for 9,138,499 soms.

The court was submitted 199 materials for 79,465,051 soms, 89 of them were solved for the benefit of the company — at 24,742,606 soms,» the message of Vostokelectro OJSC says.