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Traffic jam of heavy trucks at Ak-Tilek checkpoint stretches for 6 kilometers

Traffic jam of heavy trucks at Ak-Tilek checkpoint on Kyrgyz-Kazakh border near Kant town stretches for six kilometers: the trucks stand not only on the road leading to the border, but also on the bypass road. The correspondent counted about 500 trucks.

As drivers from neighboring Kazakhstan told 24.kg news agency, they have been standing there for the third day in a row.

«Only five trucks have been allowed to inspection since 8 am. It is 10.30 am now — and silence ... There are no problems from the Kyrgyz side. The trucks are loaded with products and goods. We do not know what to do...» the drivers say.

There are trucks with Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Russian state number plates in the queue. It’s difficult to get to the checkpoint, only one lane is free.

According to the drivers, the queue does not move on each side. But there are no problems with passage of cars and people.

As the officer on duty at the heating and meals point of the Ministry of Emergencies, the deputy head of Issyk-Ata district, Lieutenant Colonel Talant Ibraimov explained, there is one meal point at Ak-Tilek and Ak Zhol checkpoints.

«Today in the morning, there was buckwheat porridge for breakfast, and plov- yesterday for lunch. There is a medical point for providing first aid at the checkpoint. The weather is fine so far, but the sky is overcast, we need more blankets ... The drivers turn mostly at night, when they are cold, we heat the tents by small stoves,» Talant Ibraimov said.