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Independent observers: Bribery of voters conducted outside PECs

«Bribery of voters was conducted outside the polling stations. And in the main mass, bribery was not on the voting day, but much earlier,» Almaz Abdykerimov, Coordinator for Independent Monitoring of the Civil Platform Foundation said at a press conference today.

«Our observers recorded several cases when cars were parked near the polling stations, to which the voters approached. It was evident that they take money, register in the lists and leave. There were groups of people near the polling stations, to whom people also approached, registered and left. In Karakol, for example, money was distributed to voters at three polling stations. But when representatives of the PEC were informed and they called the police, the cars where money was being distributed were no longer there,» Almaz Abdykerimov said.

«We can’t replace law enforcement agencies, we can’t conduct investigations ourselves, especially since our observers were one person per polling station. Even if they tried to take photos and videos, people began to behave aggressively. We advised observers to be careful, not to try to stop the process. Security was a priority,» he added.

Monitoring of the election campaign and the voting process was conducted in 15 cities of the country by 15 long-term and 500 short-term observers. They recorded 9 facts of voter bribery.

Since bribery is a crime of private prosecution (the case is initiated only upon the victim’s application), it is difficult to prove, the report says.

According to the results of presidential elections in the country, Sooronbai Jeenbekov is in the lead.