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Erlan Karin about Jeenbekov’s victory: Kazakhstan is comfortable with any option

Political scientist from Kazakhstan Erlan Karin told whether Kazakhstan is comfortable with the victory of the successor of the current president of Kyrgyzstan, Sooronbai Jeenbekov, Tengrinews.kz reported.

«In general, the elections were held in a calm atmosphere, although shortly before the elections the situation was overloaded in every possible way, it was alleged that there were some threats, there would be disruptions in the elections, riots,» Erlan Karin said. «Today I visited different settlements, did not limit myself to monitoring in Bishkek and drove through some localities for completeness. And everywhere the voting was generally calm, although the process itself can not be called ideal either. But the results did not become for those who are watching the processes in Kyrgyzstan, quite unexpected, because the domination of Jeenbekov is noticeable. »

«The only thing, many still allowed the option of the second round, so if they are surprised, then by a great gap between Jeenbekov and Babanov,» the political scientist said.

According to him, Astana in reality will be comfortable with any election result. He recalled that Kazakhstan in reality has never provided support to any candidate and did not give anyone a preference.

Therefore, any option is convenient for Kazakhstan, because most politicians of Kyrgyzstan are determined to build constructive relations with Kazakhstan. This was stated by everyone — Jeenbekov, Babanov, and Sariev.

Erlan Karin

«Kyrgyzstan’s leaders have always understood that it is necessary not only to maintain friendly, but also to build more active relations with Kazakhstan,» the political scientist said.

He also told about Sooronbai Jeenbekov, who won the presidential election: «There are no super expectations from him, he is not a symbol of any future reforms, he is expected only to preserve a certain, albeit fragile, but still a balance of interests. From this point of view, he is generally able to meet such expectations.»