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CEC head: presidential elections pass calmly, but there are violations

CEC head Nurzhan Shaildabekova told journalists about violations on the polling stations on the day of the presidential election.

According to her, all the facts are fixed. A coordinating council has been created, where 20 applications have already been received. All signals, as Shaildabekova stressed, are checked. Most information is not confirmed.

The CEC chairman added that in some areas the automatically reading ballot boxes does break for a short period, but the problem is immediately eliminated. There are no queues on the sites.

Nurzhan Shaildabekova confirmed that at four sites (one in Osh) the non-working automatically reading ballot boxes were replaced by stationary one.

«There were no facts on voting on false checks. But members of the PEC are instructed in this regard and, I think, will be able to protect the results of voting in their polling stations. Otherwise, if such violations are recorded, the results will be canceled,» Nurzhan Shaildabekova said.

Nurzhan Shaildabekova told about the removal of the ballot from the polling station in Kara-Kuldzha. A woman is detained and a check is being carried out. In particular, the purpose of such action is being cleared up.

Nurzhan Shaildabekova also told about the attempt of bribery in Bishkek, when elderly people were offered food. On behalf of which candidate, the head of the election commission didn’t specify.

The head of the CEC noted that in general, the elections are calm and the situation is controlled by police officers. However, she has a feeling that someone inflames passions on purpose.