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Kazakhstan refutes fact of talks with Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan refuted the fact of negotiations with the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan. The Press Service of the Head of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan made an official statement regarding the talks between Sapar Isakov and Nursultan Nazarbayev.

«Firstly, during the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Sochi, the Kazakh president’s talks with the prime minister of Kyrgyzstan were not conducted. There was a short approach of Sapar Isakov to the head of our state, which is confirmed by a photo posted on his personal Facebook wall. Secondly, the information that the president of Kazakhstan «instructed the government of Kazakhstan to remove all the issues on the border» is not true,» the statement said.

In fact, the government was instructed to hold an intergovernmental consultation on this issue. Currently, the Border Service of the Committee of National Security of Kazakhstan with the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs, committees of state revenues and transport control conduct a planned border operation along the entire perimeter of the state border of the country, including the Kazakh-Kyrgyz section.

«Strengthening of inspection of persons, vehicles, goods crossing the border is carried out within the framework of legislation and without infringement of the rights of Kazakhstani and foreign citizens. There are no restrictions or prohibitions on crossing the border,» the statement said.

The Press Service of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan officially expresses bewilderment at the spread of distorted information and confirms its openness to cooperation with any media in providing objective information.