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Situation on border with Kazakhstan does not affect trade

«I would not depict the situation on the border in gray colours. The situation on the border is quite standard,» Ermek Rakhmetov, Executive Director of the Association of Trade Enterprises of Kazakhstan, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the current situation is quite standard, when neighbors have some political events.

The strengthened regime on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan was introduced in connection with the forthcoming elections of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic. At the same time, the difficulties in crossing the border have not actually affected the trade processes so far. But taking into account the complexities of the delivery of goods and their transit from Kyrgyzstan, they can affect trade, if the situation does not change.

«I believe that the current measures are absolutely temporary. I do not think that there are any prerequisites for the continuation of the regime. I think that after the presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan on October 15 this regime will be canceled. In any case, we, the traders, always advocate for the removal of various barriers. But there are other instructions from various departments that try to protect the country from various threats. I do not attach any political implication to the situation on the border. If the regime suddenly drags on, transit will be difficult, and trade relations will suffer from this, then we, the Association of Trade Enterprises of Kazakhstan, will make our statement,» Ermek Rakhmetov said.

The representative of the Association of Trade Enterprises of Kazakhstan also added that the accumulation of cargo at the border began only the day before yesterday. Therefore, the association now can not say that these events are the cause of the deficit of some commodity items. Of course, this brings certain losses to both the Kyrgyz and Kazakh sides in terms of delay in the supply of goods.

«Within 3-5 days, delays in deliveries will not be so critical for business. If it already exceeds 10 days, it will be necessary to react and get involved. We are monitoring the situation. It can not be said that there is some prohibition. After all, cars still pass. Yes, inspections in southern posts have become more lengthy and thorough. But it surprises me that many people try to give this political motivation, to paint it in gray tones. We meditate economically. If, for example, there have been some political events in Uzbekistan, then Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan strengthen the border control. It is the same with Kyrgyzstan. I do not see any political prerequisites so far. The only thing I would like is that all the events planned in Kyrgyzstan to pass quietly and peacefully, and the difficulties were resolved as quickly as possible,» Ermek Rakhmetov summed up.