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Investors to have access to information on issue of securities in Kyrgyzstan

Investors will have access to information about the issue of securities in Kyrgyzstan.

Corresponding amendments are proposed to be added to the Law on Securities Market.

The Government of Kyrgyzstan will have the right to determine the requirements for the mass media that can be used to publish information on the activities of regulated subjects of the securities market, subject to mandatory publication. Participants of the financial market are often formally approaching the requirements of the legislation on disclosure of information for investors.

In order to provide access of investors to more complete information on the issue of securities, it is proposed to supplement information included in the annual report of the public company with information on the immovable property of the public company.

Detailed information (area, legal status, planned transactions, incoming offers) about the objects are available to managers and affiliated shareholders. External shareholders have general information and often have no idea whether the property or its part is still owned by the joint-stock company. Up-to-date and reliable information on real estate on the balance sheet of the JSC is extremely important for making investment decisions, the government notes.