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Truck drivers of Kyrgyzstan complain of delays on border with Kazakhstan

Truck drivers, moving to Kyrgyzstan, complain of delays on the border with Kazakhstan. The Chairman of the independent trade union of truck drivers Dastan Miryakubov informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, they receive signals from the drivers of heavy trucks, who come from Germany and Belgium. They stopped on the Russian-Kazakh border because of long checks.

«They go with TIR sign and can not enter Kazakhstan, because they were demanded to open the seals on the border, and the seal can be opened only in customs inspection. Several drivers arrived at the checkpoint in Uralsk, and they were told to turn around and go to the checkpoint of Orenburg, which is 700 kilometers away. This requirement is grounded by the need to open the seals, and drivers do not have the right to do so. To open it, you need to invite customs, open it with witnesses, then to seal up again, draw up documents, it’s very rare when the transit cargo with a seal is opened,» Dastan Miryakubov told.

According to information received from members of the trade union, there are about 50 heavy vehicles in Uralsk that are moving to Kyrgyzstan.

TIR sign attests to the conformity of the vehicle body (truck, trailer) to technical requirements for a vehicle intended for international transport of cargoes with a customs seal (Transports Internationaux Routiers — TIR).

The point is that the countries that have joined the convention could transport cargoes by vehicles in sealed bodies without customs inspection. Seal can only be broken at the place of destination.