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How much presidential candidates spend on elections

The Control and Auditing Group attached to the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda published information on the flow of funds from the electoral funds of candidates for the office of the President of Kyrgyzstan as of October 4.

The leader remains Omurbek Babanov, who has already invested 173.7 million soms in the election campaign. In his fund there are 1.8 million soms.

Sooronbai Jeenbekov spent 85.1 million soms. 8.2 million soms left. Temir Sariev spent almost all the money from the fund — 37.9 million soms.

Adakhan Madumarov spent less than 1.3 million soms on the elections. Bakyt Torobayev, who left the race yesterday, spent from 47.2 million only 11.6 million soms.